Afflicted By Design is an Austin, TX-based, guitar-driven Industrial rock band founded in 2012 by S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Sebastian is the only official member of Afflicted By Design. Afflicted By Design pays homage to Sebastian’s Goth, Industrial and Heavy Metal roots, drawing comparisons to bands such as Rammstein, Ministry, Rob Zombie and Filter.

On May 14, 2013, Afflicted By Design released its first Ep, entitled #nameless. Written and arranged by S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo, #nameless was performed by Gnolfo with Michael J. Carrasquillo (isol8ed, ex-Slick Idiot), Pete Collins (Freedom) and Skunk Manhattan (Quartershackle, A Good Rogering); several of his former bandmates and friends from the New York City, NY and Austin, TX Industrial and Metal scenes.

Afflicted By Design is currently writing and recording the follow-up to #nameless plus working on songs that will make up several more Eps to be released in 2014 and 2015.

#nameless features 3 original guitar-driven Industrial Metal songs — “Jesus Christ Machine,” “South Side of Sickness” and “Dreaming Mona” — with Goth and electronic influences. #nameless is loaded with heavy metal riffing, hyper-overdriven sounds, declarative vocals and not-totally-organic sounds, synths and loops which draw on Afflicted By Design's Goth, industrial and heavy metal roots.

#nameless is available as a digital download or as limited edition CD with free digital download. Buy the CD and other merch directly from the Afflicted By Design store.

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South Side of Sickness

Jesus Christ Machine