November 3, 2014: Announcing the release of the new Afflicted By Design single, "I Believe In Halloween"

The new Afflicted By Design single, "I Believe In Halloween," is available at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, AmazonMP3, Rdio & Deezer this week. "Isn't it a little late for Halloween," you're asking? Yeah, well, the song got held up in some red tape. Like "Everyday Is Halloween" by Ministry, this isn't a seasonal Halloween song. It's an anthem for people that celebrate the night, that are out of the ordinary, that are a little bit left of center, that worship the dark. For those of us that everyday is Halloween.

Once again I teamed up with Michael J. Carrasquillo (Slick Idiot, isol8ed) for drums and vocals, and, introducing Dylan S. Mitchell (Scratcher, Blueberry High Heels) on guitar solos. And --this is pretty cool-- Mike's daughter makes a special appearance singing in the choruses!

"I Believe In Halloween" is a cover of the song by The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black; an amazing band from NYC that I fell in love with ages ago and whose songs and performances have influenced and inspired me. Every now and again I plan on releasing more covers of songs by bands that have either inspired or influenced me. I hope you like my version and take the time to check out the original. TVHOKB is pretty badass!


#nameless features 3 original guitar-driven Industrial Metal songs — “Jesus Christ Machine,” “South Side of Sickness” and “Dreaming Mona” — with Goth and electronic influences. #nameless is loaded with heavy metal riffing, hyper-overdriven sounds, declarative vocals and not-totally-organic sounds, synths and loops which draw on Afflicted By Design's Goth, industrial and heavy metal roots.

#nameless is available as a digital download or as limited edition CD with free digital download. Buy the CD and other merch directly from the Afflicted By Design store.

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