Lies, Lies, Lies!

Lies, Lies, Lies!, Afflicted By Design’s 4th release, is a hard-driving and guitar-heavy industrial rock Ep that features 2 new original songs plus 2 remixes. Lies are the theme behind the 2 new original tracks, “Automatic Static” and “Warm and Pretty Lies” – the lies told by politicians and the lies we tell each other in relationships.

Written and arranged by S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo and Kfir Gov (of the band Seek Irony). Lies, Lies, Lies was performed by S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo (Vocals, bass, rhythm guitars, synths and samples), Fred Fata (Lead guitar and guitar synth), and Rom Gov (Drums) and features Rona Rougeheart (of Sine and Dead Love Club) on co-lead vocals on “Warm and Pretty Lies.”  The remix of “Automatic Static” was done by Sebastian’s former bandmate, Jacqueline van Bierk, who also appeared on “This Is Not A Love Song,” and the remix of “Warm and Pretty Lies” was done by Lenny Gonzalez of A Chango Feo Abstraction.