#nameless is Afflicted By Design’s first release. It features 3 original guitar-driven Industrial Metal songs — “Jesus Christ Machine,” “South Side of Sickness” and “Dreaming Mona” — with Goth and electronic influences. #nameless is loaded with heavy metal riffing, hyper-overdriven sounds, declarative vocals and not-totally-organic sounds, synths and loops which draw on Afflicted By Design’s Goth, industrial and heavy metal roots.

Written and arranged by S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo, #nameless was performed by Gnolfo with Michael J. Carrasquillo (isol8ed, Slick Idiot), Pete Collins (Cave Penny, Freedom) and Skunk Manhattan (Quartershackle, A Good Rogering); several former bandmates and friends from the New York City, NY and Austin, TX Industrial and Metal scenes.

Digital Release Date: 5/14/2013
CD Release Date: 5/14/2014

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The Players

S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo: vocals, bass, guitars, additional drums, synths, recording bass & guitar

S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo

S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo

S.A. Sebastian is the founder of Afflicted By Design. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Sebastian is the only official member of Afflicted By Design and remains solely responsible for its direction. Sebastian is a bass player, guitar player, composer, songwriter, producer and recording engineer.

Before moving to Austin, TX in 2009, Sebastian was a fixture of the New York City goth/industrial, rock and metal scenes, playing bass for bands like Otto’s Daughter, King Hell, Pillow Theory, Ray West’s APW in addition to his own bands Cave Penny, NVR and Atomic Brother. Sebastian has toured in 5 countries and recorded bass on upwards of 20 releases. Afflicted By Design is Sebastian’s first solo effort.

Michael J. Carrasquillo: drums

Michael J. Carrasquillo

Michael J. Carrasquillo

Michael Carrasquillo is the creative force and producer of iSOL8ED, an industrial music project based in NYC and a multi-instrumentalist, director, video editor, podcaster and jack-of-all-trades.

Most notably Michael played drums for Slick Idiot, with En Esch and Gunter Schultz (formerly of KMFDM) and helped with post-production responsibilities along side famed hip-hop music video director Jim Swaffield on the Grammy nominated “Trapped In The Closet” long form music video.

Sebastian and Michael worked together freelancing for a NYC Goth band and in Sebastian’s band Atomic Brother, for which Michael played drums and directed the band’s music video, “Take YouAway”.

Pete Collins: guitars on “Jesus Christ Machine”

Pete Collins

Pete Collins

Pete Collins is a guitar player, recording engineer and producer, contributing developer to the Mozilla web browser, and leads his own ambient/electronic project called Freedom.

As Freedom, Pete has released 3 albums of ambient electronic music with Celtic and Indian influences, and has a fourth in progress. As a recording engineer and producer, Pete cut his teeth working for studios like the Power Station in NYC.

Sebastian and Pete worked together in the goth-metal band the Poets and their “heavy post-pagan rock band” Cave Penny. With Cave Penny they released a single, an album and an Ep. Sebastian played bass on Angels & Monkeys and Age of Aether by Freedom for Pete.

Skunk Manhattan: guitars

Skunk Manhattan

Skunk Manhattan

Skunk Manhattan is the frontman, guitarist and producer for the band A Good Rogering and guitarist and co-producer for the band Quartershackle.

Skunk also plays classical piano and occasionally does stand up comedy and is an experienced guitar and piano instructor and endorses Tregan Guitars, who make his Signature “Skunk” guitar. #nameless is Sebastian and Skunk’s first time working together. They know each other from the Austin metal scene.